January 28, 2019

Please be advised that individuals have been fraudulently sending emails as “representatives” of the Lord's Gym City Center. These individuals are using the organization's name and email addresses without authorization and have contacted members requesting that account balances be paid through:

  • A statement suggesting a balance be paid through an attached invoice.

  • A link embedded in the email.

  • A request for your bank account information to ensure we have the correct information on file.

These messages are fraudulent.

Please note that the City Center will NEVER ask for your bank account information in connection with a donation or membership payment. If you are contacted by someone posing as a City Center employee employee and the communication appears suspicious, please report it to the organization at:

You can also report these apparent scams and fraud communications to the Federal Trade Commission at

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your ongoing support of our mission!