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A healthy choice for your employees and a smart community investment for you.

Why The City Center vs. Other Fitness Programs

Since opening in January 2018, the Center has welcomed over 3,000 community members, 2,000 of whom are teens 13-17 years old — to become part of the healthy change our community desperately needs. Your employee’s memberships ensure we continue to sustain the necessary business expenses to keep underserved youth off the street.

Become Part of the Movement

Your business has the opportunity to invest in the health of your employees and the well being of our community with a membership at the City Center. We know promoting healthier behaviors by investing in your employee wellness program can really pay off. Healthy employees mean lower health care costs and more productive workers.

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Wellness programs designed to fit your needs + budget.

Give your employee’s a membership that build strength for themselves and the community by ensuring their wellness needs are met at the City Center. Request more information about our Corporate Wellness Program below.

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